Momentum Engineering Software is now being sold by HAMMOND ENGINEERING, LLC.  Our list of quality engineering software at reasonable prices follows: 

             FlashCalc Version 2 - $395 - This package is already being used extensively in the "gas patch" for dew point calculations.  Now, the new API Standard 14.1, Collecting and Handling of Natural Gas Samples for Custody Transfer, recommends these calculations.  FlashCalc is good enough for several of the authors of API 14.1, and it is the right software for your company!    

Other software prices:

            MathModeler - $195

            Physical Properties - $149

                 PocketESP - $49 

            SteelModeler - $795

Click on the Programs tab to learn more about these packages. 

Welcome to Momentum Engineering Software, Inc.  Our goal is to provide high quality engineering software at prices that individuals, consultants, and smaller companies can afford.     Version 2 of our first product FlashCalc, a chemical engineering program for calculating multi-component single stage flashes, dewpoints, bubblepoints, phase diagrams, and physical properties, has been released.  Our second release, MathModeler allows you to convert data sets into mathematical equations, an incredibly powerful tool for engineers and spreadsheet programmers.  Physical Properties is a new chemical engineering package that contains physical and thermodynamic properties for over 1500 compounds.  And SteelModeler is an AutoCad add-in that generates three dimensional structural steel drawings complete with weight and cost estimates and material take-off reports in a matter of minutes.  Our latest release, PocketESP, is a program for Windows CE based pocket PC's that allows the user to build sets of equations that can then be solved for any variable.   Visit our Programs page for more details and please visit often to see what new products we've been working on..   

Our web includes descriptions and software tours of our products, technical support information, and download options for software sales,  demo programs, and the most current versions of files for our licensees.  If you have any problems or have any suggestions to make this a better site, please send an e-mail to  or call 979-285-5652.