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FlashCalc TM  Version 2

FlashCalc is the perfect, and affordable, answer for the new API standard 14.1:

From the API's web page: 

The latest release of API 14.1 (June 2001) calls for dew point calculations.  You will not find a better buy than FlashCalc.  Its what the pros use!

FlashCalc Answers Common Chemical Engineering Questions


In the chemical and petroleum industries, it is often necessary to predict liquid and vapor compositions and phase properties. This can be done in one of two ways: 1) using short cut approximations, or 2) using rigorous equation of state methods. Unfortunately, short cut methods can have significant errors, especially at high pressures, and currently available computer programs using rigorous methods are expensive and sometimes difficult to use.

FlashCalc performs single and multi-component physical property estimation using rigorous equation of state calculation methods. This program is extremely user friendly and can be used to solve everyday problems faced by plant, pipeline, and technical support personnel.

Practical Applications

In terms more common to field personnel, the program can be used to calculate bubblepoints, dewpoints, flash conditions, and phase diagrams.  Such calculations are required to answer questions such as:

or to predict the results of any number of other situations where changes need to be made to a process.

The physical properties calculated by the program can be useful for determining requirements of heat exchangers, setting up instrumentation, and making other calculations required for day to day operation of a plant. The feature of cutting and pasting the results to other applications (such as spreadsheets, presentation software, etc.) allows the user to decide how best to utilize the data to suit his needs.

Program Specifics

Anyone familiar with other Windows programs will have no difficulty running the program so very little training is required. It also comes with ToolTips and context sensitive help, which allows the user to select the help button and then click the item in question. The user can store cases under different file names and the file sizes are minimal. The program is written in C++ and runs under Windows 95/98 and NT.

Take a tour of FlashCalc  - See interface and how to run software

FlashCalc Pricing

Description Price, $ USA
Single Copy                                             $395
5 or more copies  $375
10 or more copies  $350
20 or more copies  $300
50 or more copies  $250

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