These are the programs currently available from Momentum Engineering Software.   Click on the Program name for a description and software tour.  Others programs are in the works so check back often. 


User friendly software calculates bubble points, dew points, flash conditions, phase diagrams, thermodynamic and physical properties for multi-component mixtures using rigorous equation of state calculation methods.  Version 2 now contains over 1500 components to choose from.  (Price $395)


This package allows the conversion of data sets with up to 16 independent variables into mathematical equations, an incredibly powerful tool for spreadsheet programmers.  (Price $195)

Physical Properties

This package predicts 17 single component thermodynamic and transport properties for the same component library contained in FlashCalc.  The properties can be viewed in table form or graphs and can be cut and pasted into spreadsheets and presentation software.  (Price $149)


This is an AutoCad add-in that generates three dimensional structural steel drawings complete with weight and cost estimates and bill of material reports in a matter of minutes.  With its intuitive interface, the user defines the geometry of the structure with simple AutoCad lines (includes Geometry Wizard which generates structures and pipe ways), assigns structural shapes to the line geometry, and SteelModeler does the rest.  (Price $795)


This package allows Windows CE pocket PC users to enter sets of equations that can then be solved for any variable.  Each equations can have up to 16 variables and all math and trigonometry  functions are supported.   There is no limit on the number of equations that can be saved in a file, and variables with the same name within a file are global.   (Price $49)